Certification. Liberated. 

Getting your organization certified and becoming contractually compliannt is not easy.

We know certification is mandatory to be able to access the majority of projects and all the consultants are requiring this as part of the project specs.

Traditionally to become certified by the hardware manufacturer comes with restrictions and there is always a cost associated with becoming compliant.

We know how much you want your engineers to have access to the right certifications and to be able to renew them on the go immediately after the latest release of a new product version.

Not having yearly certification puts you behind competitors, compliance standards and weakens staff retention. 

However now with the Genius Business Account you can easily stay in the lead by becoming certified in the areas you need to stay compliant and win more projects.

With the Genius Business Account you and your colleagues will:

  • be contractually compliant we sign your company up as an official Tridium partner, this gives you recognition and access to any tender that required Niagara 4 certification.
  • be Niagara 4 & ISMA YEARLY certified for free from anywhere and at their own pace and acquire personal recognition badges in line with their knowledge level.
  • have access to Niagara Marketplace best place to advertise your services and generate qualified sales leads.
  • have access to Niagara Central to keep on top of all your Niagara purchases in one place, licenses, software and be part of the most innovative BMS community.