Learning. Reinvented.

Right now getting BMS training is expensive, logistically complicated and stressful...

To add to the stress you have to absorb as much information as possible in a couple of days in order to pass the exam at the end.  We know how tiring it can be to drive long hours just to get to and from the training facility. We know how expensive an overbooked Travelodge can get. We know what it involves to clear your calendar for several days only to return to a pile of work.

We at Innon believe this isn’t right, especially when the equipment manufacturers view training as a revenue stream, when all you are doing is promoting their products. If this is stressing you out, we have very good news for you! We believe the best way to learn is to have training accessible at your fingertips, so you can absorb the information in your own time, wherever you want and without any extra fees. This stress free learning is now available with our Genius Business Account.

With the Genius Business Account you and your colleagues will:

  • continuously learn BMS and technology that will help you easily deliver any project on budget and time. Say bye bye to being stuck on site for long hours.
  • continuously gain new skills every day, learning in your own time at work, in the train or at home on a PC, Laptop or mobile,
  • continuously get tested and compete to become the best engineer in your organisation.
  • be constantly made aware and trained on new technical solutions hence you can tender, win and deliver more successful projects.