The easy way to learning Niagara 4.

The world's most successful companies know that the key to success is continuous learning.

Hence with our learning platform, you are not taking a training course. 

Genius Learning Platform starts with a series of Niagara 4 e-learning courses tailored around how engineers actually use Niagara 4: 

  • Basics
  • Strategies
  • Graphics

Our learning platform is different from the Tridium TCP course: a class-based 1-week session where software engineers can be trained to gain such knowledge.

At Innon we wanted to help the process of learning Niagara, hence the creation of our Genius Learning Platform.

The Basics, Strategy and Graphics together allow you to gather all the skills required for a TCP on your own time. You can decide whether to get officially certified afterwards. Our eLearning provides a specific Innon certificate that allows you to start working with us using Tridium.

We approached the learning of Niagara 4 in stages, where the Niagara 4 BASICS learning path is just an introduction to help engineers on a simple software commissioning of a Jace and get a few basic concepts of what Niagara is.

Learn like a pro from home or work, in your own time at no extra cost. This is just one of the benefits of having an Innon Genius Business Account.