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The Current Bar EB is a truly innovative product that unlocks potential in submetering applications. More often submetering can be cost prohibitive due to the complexity and high cost of the equipment which traditionally requires 3 phase power meters and CT's which adds costs and takes long to install on site.

 The Current Bar EB is a modular current meter formed of 2 parts: 

  • The bar itself which is a MODbus enabled meter and is available in three different sizes, supporting max 3 input channels. 
  • Current Sensors (CT's) which can be sold separately or pre assembled with the EB Current Bar.

The EC is a current sensor for standard miniature circuit breakers (MCB). It is designed to fit any type of IEC standard MCB´s, Residual-Current Devices (RCD) and Residual-current Circuit Breakers with Overload protection (RCBO) capable of measuring devices up to 40A. The EC includes a current transformer (CT) with turns ratio of 1:1000 and a burden resistor of 10Ω. The EC does not interfere or affect the function of the MCB.

  • Fitted on top of all EU standard circuit breakers
  • Output Values: A, °C (Environmental temperature)
  • Device Bus: 12V DC
  • Interface Protocol: Modbus RTU – 19200, 8, E, 1 (default settings)
  • Available in 4 sizes, 3, 6, 9 and 12 inputs
  • mA current transformers (up to 63A)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale signal @25°C

How can I read the meter?

Any Modbus RS485 BMS or DataLogger will be able to interrogate the  CurrentBar using Modbus RTU over RS485

How do I power the meter?

Each meter requires to be powered at 12Vdc

What are the default Modbus settings?

Each meter comes with a unique modbus address that is determined based on the unique product serial number printed on the product label. The last 2 digits in HEX are the decimal modbus adders. Example: you have the label: 99.EC.42.95.E0.F0 the last two digits are F0 (in HEX) as a result the default Modbus address is 240. See here the HEX to Decimal calculator. Rest of the default settings: 19200 baud rate,  8 data bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit.

How do I change the Modbus settings?

First connect to each meter with its default Modbus settings, then using dedicated Modbus registers you can change to your required modbus address, baud rate, parity, stop bits.

Can you use this for billing?

Probably not since this is not a kWh meter as it lacks the voltage reference, this is also what makes it unique due to its small footprint.

What applications can I use this meter for?

Residential applications where an energy display is required is the ideal place for using the Current Bar, equally when used to submeter circuits that provide a very good indication of the consumption breakdown at circuit level, most commonly required in Energy Performance Contracts, PFI and Demand Response as well as Predictive Maintenance.

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