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JACE 8000 Sticker

£4.00 GBP
These clips fit your Jace 8000 controller. We created these clips to allow you to customise your Jace 8000 with your company logo and details. They are ideal if you want to offer maintenance services to your clients. Also great if you want to customise your solutions with your company details or project details.

We produce these clips in the United Kingdom from high-quality durable plastic. You can order them in sets of 10,25,50,100 clips. This is a set of 10 white clips customised with your company details. All the clips come ready to be fitted on your Jace 8000 controller.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Place an order online for the required quantity. 

Step 2:
Email your logo and any details you want to add on the clip such as phone, email, website

Step 3:
One of our team members will email you back with the artwork and do any changes until you approve it.

Step 4:
We will ship the set of clips in 5-10 working days with artwork mounted on the clip.

We can ship worldwide.

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