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Modbus Transmitter for Energy Meter Wireless Mbus – RS232 interface

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SKU 800-013

Compatible with energy meters with a Modbus interface, this meter transmitter reference allows the automated reading of the meter to which it is connected (Modbus register reading) and the continuous operation of this data without any manual intervention.

Accurate and reliable data is transmitted from the transmitter to the Modbus receiver, which is usually connected to a gateway. The periodicity of sending data is configurable.

This transmitter will quickly and economically transform your conventional energy meter into a smart meter.

Continuous monitoring of your energy consumption will allow you to :

  • drive your energy consumption
  • monitor your equipment and detect any malfunction
  • prevent over-consumption

Optimising management of your consumption will allow you to achieve significant cost savings regardless of the size of your company and sector of activity.

This transmitter is mains powered.

It is also available in RS485, allowing the reading of Modbus registers of multiple counters – up to 10 supported meters.


Battery Life

Enless Wireless MBus Product Range Battery Autonomy


Technical Specifications


Dimensions L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
Enclosure and IP rating ABS IP 60
Power supply Main 7.5 up to 24 V DC or external 12 V power supply
Periodicity Configurable periodicity (from 3 to 250 mn)
Configuration / Installation Radio - Field Configuration Tool (F.C.T. software)
Interface RS232 Modbus / Pulse
Functions codes (0 X 03) Read holding registers / 16 bits, 32 bits
Number of meters supported Reading of several registers of the same meter
Options Pulse interface option : 50 ms minimum pulse width, 2 inputs
Certification CE


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