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RASPI-GO-MQTT Remote Access and MQTT Broker (local and cloud)

£537.50 GBP
About the product

Use the RASPI MQTT to gain access to any remote site without the need of particular IT configuration or port forward.

The RASPI modem is a VPN solution that works with any SIM card and just works as soon as you have a 3G,4G internet connection.

This MQTT model acts as a local broker, allowing the Jace to talk directly to any site MQTT devices.

You can even set up the modem to be a cloud MQTT broker, enabling you to send any data from the site directly into your data system.


Raspberry Pi 2b with enclosure

· 5V Plug Adapter Power Supply
· 8GB SD (pre-loaded software)
· 4G USB Dongle (Unlocked)
· Magnetic external antenna including 3Meter lead
· Pre-Loaded Three 12GB 12 Month SIM Card Usage (simply replace the card or top-up once the 12 months is up! Note:- The 12Month 12GB Three SIM is currently around the £30-40 mark)
· Pre-set VPN server software with default IP addressing & DHCP/DNS setup. (Just let us know the IP address range)
· Built-in intelligent UPS with shutdown after a power outage of 60 seconds

The PI RAS is designed to sit and any standalone BMS/AC/CCTV/Access/Etc IP based site and provide remote access for 12 Months or 12GB data usage whichever comes first. Simply replace the PAYG SIM after 12 months.
We will pre-configure the PI and test before dispatch. For this we need to allocate at least 5 IP addresses for the in-built DHCP server, see attachment for an example.

The default IP range is set to, to change the IP at purchase you will need to include the RASPI-GO-SETUP-INIT part number to your purchase. If you need to change the IP after the delivery of the device you will need to purchase the RASPI-GO-SETUP-UP.

The PIs can also create one large VLAN across different sites, ideal for say a nationwide retail chain.

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