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The driver is compatible with versions N4.0, N4.1, N4.2, N4.3, AX3.8, AX3.7 and AX3.6 Honeywell Centraline, Tridium, Vykon and Distech.

Please note: N4.3 is now supported in Version

Please note: N4.4 is now supported in Version

The driver is compatible with any model of Trend IQ controller: IQ1, IQ2, IQ3 and IQ4 both in serial RS232 and IP.

Please note: RS232 is supported on N4.4 platforms.

Niagara driver for Trend serial and IP networks.

Key benefits:

  • Fixed price with no limit on points
  • Excellent UK support online and on phone
  • One .jar file for both Ethernet and RS232 for N4.4

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