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UG65-868M-EA LoRaWAN Receiver to HTTP and MQTT Gateway

£371.00 GBP
SKU UG65-868M-EA

  • Gateway Receiver - for Milesight sensors and controllers
    • Ready to use with Enless LoRaWAN sensors too
  • Integrates easily with Niagara 4 stations
    • LoRaWAN to JSON encoder JAVA code freely available
    • Innon HTTP API and JSON Niagara 4 modules available to receive and decode data in your station
  • Ethernet and WiFi - to connect to your BEMS LAN
  • MQTT server - to receive commands from Niagara 4 to send on as downlinks to UC300 LoRaWAN IoT controller digital outputs (requires MQTT broker)
  • Web configuration pages - clear and easy workflow to get up and running

We have developed a set of supporting JAVA code and Niagara 4 modules to use with this device to allow you to easily get Milesight and Enless LoRaWAN wireless data into your Niagara 4 stations.

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