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VPN Tunnel S20

£2,195.00 GBP

Create a secure tunneling between JACEs and Web Supervisor without a static IP address in the JACE’s local network.

This is available for only twenty Jace connections.


“Virtual Private Network” or VPN is a mechanism to extend a private network across a public network such as the Internet. A VPN creates a point to point connection or “tunnel” across the Internet between two computers. The tunnel encrypts the data between VPN endpoints, preventing data from being deciphered without the required encryption keys.

VPN provides an additional layer of security to your Niagara system without compromising your ability to access Niagara. A VPN can help protect your Niagara system from Internet based attacks by requiring an additional layer of authentication to access Niagara resources. It can prevent automated Internet port scans tools from detecting the Niagara system.

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