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The top 3 myths of wireless BMS - busted

The top 3 myths of wireless BMS - busted

When it comes to using wireless BMS technology there are 3 things people worry about and I am sure you came across these before. The solution is actually more simple than you can imagine...


Myth #1
Using Wireless means complex topologies which are difficult to specify and budget.

Myth #2
Using Wireless means the actual distances you can cover on site are much less than what the manufacturers advertise.


Myth #3
Using Wireless means complex programing and difficult commissioning using only bespoke tools and proprietary protocols.

The solution below is busting all of the Wireless Myths and more...

1. The topology is flexible and simple as you only have one part number and you can mix and match the modules depending on each site.

2. The standard distance between 2 x W0202 modules is 300m and can be expanded to 12 miles by linking groups of two modules as repeaters.

3. No programming is necessary and is fully transparent. So whatever you attach to the W0202 can be transparently read by your Modbus BMS.
Wireless topology using W0202
You only need one part number to create any wireless Modbus network...easy to budget and simple to install.
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