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About us

About us

We started Innon (Innovation) with a mission to help engineers in the building automation industry get in the seat: to control what they want, the way they want it, without any restrictions imposed by suppliers. The only limit should be how far the technology can go.

We believe that engineering is all about problem-solving: when everything is done for you, where is the innovation? Where is the fun in that? How are you expanding your knowledge? Are you really in control?  

Our role in making Building Automation companies successful is offering product choice and sharing our expert knowledge of 20+ years’ work experience - this is an ongoing process of constant improvement.

Growing your Building Automation business requires winning more projects. The healthiest way to do so is to control your sales process as much as possible - this means coming up with your solutions, knowing all the strengths and weaknesses, often mixing multiple manufacturers to get the best outcome.

Once you win a project, it’s equally important not to rely on subcontractors, as they can eat up the profit margin very quickly and keep a lot of the knowledge to themselves. Building up your self-delivery capabilities is crucially important to maximise profits.

So, in a nutshell, we are all about: 

Helping you get things under control.


Innon Mission 

Our mission is to empower our clients. We believe that our engineers are great problem solvers when they have the right tools and knowledge to solve their own problems and build their own solutions. 

We’re driven by the need to innovate and we pride ourselves on our ability to lookout for new products that will make a tangible difference to our clients without brand restriction. 

Sharing knowledge is our passion. Whether it’s through articles, help guides, training courses or bespoke webinars, we want our clients to come away with the ability to make confident decisions when it comes to making product selection and pricing a project.



Innon Values

We believe engineering is all about finding solutions. 

We also believe that engineers are great problem solvers if they have the right tools and knowledge.

Our mission is to help you “Get things under control”. We do this by bringing you the “champion products” designed to help you win jobs, increase your revenue, and give you increased confidence to innovate.

Think of us like your geeky colleague that’s obsessed with building automation and IoT.  Most of us are building automation engineers and we just love being able to help our peers. 

 Some of us spend our time researching new products from the client conversations we have. Some of us spend our time always being available to help you if you need support.

What we want is to help you come up with your solution and get things under control. Because when you become an amazing solution finder, you will be able to #controlthings

We believe in:

  • Giving control to our customers; we believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge and skills to execute projects themselves.
  • Being open; there are no hidden costs or charges
  • Being honest; your products are selected based on your requirements and we aren’t afraid to give you a products pros and cons
  • Being non complacent; we’re always on the lookout for new products that will make a tangible difference

What is Innon? Are you a manufacturer, a distributor or just an online shop?

We are none yet all at the same time.

Our desire to deliver empowerment and innovation has enabled us to wear many hats. This allows us to a operate in different spaces and take the best from these three types of supplier and offer a unique service to our clients   


  1. Manufacturer: We are a manufacturer in the sense that we work with factories worldwide to produce equipment under the Innon Brand. They provide the hardware part, and we are looking at ways to enhance it by providing you with much needed functionality.
  2. Controls Distributor: We are a Control Distributors (not a Master System Integrator) because of our level of expertise. Unlike a master system integrator we want to share our expertise with you and help you deliver your own solution and find ways in which you can differentiate. We want you to own all the intellectual property of your own solutions.
  3. Stockist: We are also a stockist and an online shop and can deliver everywhere in the world. We cover the EMEA region as an official Tridium Distributor. But when it comes to the rest of our products we cover the world. We have two logistics centres, one in the UK, which covers the UK and the rest of the world and one in Bucharest, Romania, which covers Europe. Through our online shop, our clients have more control: they can place orders so they can save time, they can track orders, they can do returns, open support tickets and receive live support etc.  We only allow system integrators to view their prices and we check every registration manually.