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Fan Coil Controllers: Amazingly Priced and High Quality

Fan Coil Controllers: Amazingly Priced and High Quality

Proud to introduce the iSMA range of Fan Coil Controllers and Wall Displays

iSMA-B-FCU, fully programmable FCU controller, compatible with any BMS system, the controllers are factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols Modbus ASCII/RTU and BACnet MSTP, which are selected using DIP switches.

How many inputs can I use? 
4x Special Input - voltage, resistance, dry contact
4x Digital Input – dry contact

How many outputs can I use? 
3x Digital Output 6 A (Fan Speed) 
1x Digital Output 10 A (electric heater) 
1x Digital Output 6 A (cooling actuator) 
2x Triac 0,5 A @ 230 V AC or 0,5 A/0,3 A* @ 24 V AC (heating and cooling, actuators) 
3x Analog Outputs 0-10 V DC (heating, cooling actuators and Fan Speed)

What protocols can I use?

How flexible is this?
Support 2-pipe or 4-pipe system, Preloaded universal applications, Adjust application by dedicated DIP-switch or freely program using Sedona Framework 1.2 Changing of the application is possible in real-time by USB port or over the network using simulator on PC in offline mode.
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