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The Most Cost Effective And Compact AHU Control Solution

Would you like to control and maintain any AHU unit easily, without the need of learning a new programming language? Would you like to be able to read histories, alarms and set values using any Bacnet BMS system?


The AAC20-LCD has been designed with your requirements in mind to allow you to:

  • Commission and maintain easily any AHU by using the inbuilt display.
  • Make best use of the full Bacnet implementation, read/write live values, alarms and histories... they are all easily available both on IP and MSTP/RS485.
  • Program it easily using the standard Tridium workbench and latest Sedona bundle.
  • Keep your data safe, you have 4GB of local storage on the optional SD card.
  • Get best value per point with built-in IO: 8UI, 4DI, 6AO and 4DO.
  • The unit can also be a Bacnet or Modbus master to other slave devices such IO Modules, VSDs or power meters.


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