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Components Shortage Statement

The BMS industry is suffering due to a components shortage affecting the production and availability of many BMS products.

The shortage was kick-started by COVID-19, which caused the production of components to slow or stop altogether. As we navigate beyond COVID-19, our industry is seeing an increase in demand; however, this is met with skilled labour shortages causing significant backlogs in product availability. This means a global shortage that covers many industries besides BMS. 

The Innon team have tried to weather this shortage and protect our clients, but we are now in a position where we need to make changes to how we process orders from our clients to ensure that we can maintain the security of supply.

We will never retrospectively raise prices on confirmed orders.

Please note the following changes: 


Due to the implementation of surcharges on products and periodic changes to our price lists, all formal quotations will have an expiration date. Once a PO has been placed, your quoted prices will be upheld. 


Due to the increased volume of orders, we are receiving and the increased communication we are involved in with our suppliers over order statuses, we cannot hold onto stock for clients.

All orders will be dispatched after a PO has been processed. If any items on your PO are on order, we will dispatch the products we have in stock and dispatch outstanding products once we have taken delivery from the supplier. Please note that this process also applies to product bundles.

Lead Times

Once we have received your PO, we can give clients more specific information on the delivery status of their order.

We are frequently in contact with our suppliers chasing up on product orders, and we will endeavour to keep you updated on lead times as we get news.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at