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Innon Genius Engineering Programme

Engineering. Perfected.

Would you like to deliver every project on time and on budget?

Efficiency comes from having your organisation in total sync from sales down to delivery and maintenance.

Having access to knowledge and tools to tender and win the project down to having the skills to commission and maintain the whole system is essential.

Your organisation will eliminate any time wasted on site and will become fully up to date with the latest building technologies.

As part of the Genius Business Account you will benefit from constant free learning for both sales and technical teams.

With the Genius Business Account your sales team and delivery team will:

  • Get constant technical sales support which will give you access to the most imaginative and fully supported technical solutions.
  • Get priority releases to the most innovative technical solutions that come fully tested and supported by Innon.
  • Get priority support over the phone, email and live chat.