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Starting with Innon

How we help you and your organisation get the best out of the Niagara 4 Framework.

We believe that if we make Niagara 4 technology and knowledge easily accessible, then control engineers can achieve great solutions. More so companies like yours can access more projects from small to large, paving the way to a truly smart and connected world using the power of Niagara 4 Framework.

We created a new type of Tridium Partnership called the Genius Club. 

As part of the Genius Club you and your organisation will:

  • Become Official Tridium Partners which allows you access to Tridium Licensing, Tridium Marketplace and access to all Tridium Products
  • Become super confident in Niagara 4 using our interactive online learning platform. We will train you and your organisation the same way Uber and other large companies train their employees. Our Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform suggests content based on your needs, monitors your progress and always makes sure you stay up to date.
  • Get exclusive access to our product range, carefully picked to work around the Niagara 4 framework. Everything we sell, comes with responsibility and is fully understood and supported by out technical help team.
  • Enjoy the fastest and most helpful 5 star service.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that we do not do projects, we only focus on helping engineers achieve great things.