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Tridium Jace 8000 series

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Tridium has created an all-new hardware platform optimized for Niagara 4: the JACE 8000 controller. This next-generation controller features a global design that functions with legacy systems and has the ability to scale for future needs. The JACE 8000 controller offers significant improvements over previous generations:

Efficient Global Design

The new, modular design of the JACE 8000 controller makes it easy to install, integrate and deploy. Tool-less installation with expansion capability reduces installation complexity and improves flexibility. Systems integrators can focus on engineering solutions, not assembling components.

Wireless Capability

Standard Wi-Fi offers enhanced wireless capability when interfacing with the next generation of wireless sensors and devices. The JACE 8000 controller also is configurable as an access point so that mobile phones and tablets can display information and advanced graphics. Expansion also is available when interfacing with other wireless fieldbuses seen in connected buildings.

Optimized for Niagara 4

The JACE 8000 controller leverages the exciting new features of Niagara 4. It adds to the enhanced user experience, maximizing Niagara 4’s key advantages: pure Web interface based on HTML5 with HTML5 views, charting and data visualization, a common design language, better reporting, robust security and improved device management.

With simple configuration, tool-less installation, low-cost integration and high-powered performance, the JACE 8000 controller is a dramatic evolution in connecting and controlling devices worldwide.

Key Facts:

  • Intuitive User interface
You can easily check system status by glancing at the front panel LEDs to diagnose network issues.
  • Flexible licensing:

Determine the number of devices that will be integrated and select the right capacity license from the start. License upgrades can be purchased in the future as your needs grow.

  • Modular hardware design for fast and easy installation

Controller and option modules are designed for easy mounting on a 35mm-wide DIN rail. It is compatible with all the ISMA range.

  • Connectivity Profiles 
    • Native Wi-Fi capability (WAP or Client) A, B, G or N networks
    • Two 10/100Mb Ethernet ports
    • Two isolated RS485 ports
    • Optional LON FTT10 & RS232 expansion