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The Core IO is a reliable and easily configured distributed 1/0 module range compatible with any Mod bus controller.

 You can configure the CR-IO-16DI-RS easily via the dedicated Android app. All you need is an Android device with a camera and Bluetooth. Once you have installed the dedicated app, open it up and scan the QR code on the device located next to the power supply. Once the QR code has been recognised the app will connect to the device and you will be able to start configuration.

You can configure the CR-IO-16DI-RS via Modbus. Please see the manual for full instructions

The CR-IO-16DI-RS comes with an RS485 connection. The CR-I0-16DI-RS has 16DI. The inputs are configurable for pulse counting, various types of sensors and logic direction.

All the Core IO range comes with opto-isolation on the RS485 building automation controller port.

Take a look at the Core IO walkthrough to learn more about the features 


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