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About the product

You will love this Trend Driver because it just works! We tested them all, and we can now confidently say we are happy with this one.

You can solve the problem of offering integration on large Trend Sites both technically and will not ruin the bank  :)

It is fast and easy to configure, so it will not waste too much time. And if you have issues, we are just one call or email away to guide you through it... because we tested it inside out obsessively, so please don't hesitate to get our help.

The technical info:

Trend IQ TCP & Serial Driver. Includes a license for 500 points. For additional bundles of 500 points: DR-IN-IQTCP-500

Support IQ4, EINC, 3Xtend. Able to learn and discover points, For N4 Supervisor or JACE 8000

If applied on a Jace 8000 - you will get the unlock codes for both the IP and Serial/RS232

If used on an N4 Supervisor or MAC36NL, you will only get the unlock codes for IP.

This driver consumes Tridium N4 points, which need to be purchased separately. 

Do you have a question about this product?

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