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Initial Reflow Software Licence


Build amazing Niagara 4 graphics 

Reflow was designed to help System Integrators have and create an amazing experience over buildings that run on Niagara 4.

Reflow is a graphics library that allows you to organise and display data in a friendly intuitive way. With Reflow you give your clients the same experience as they would have on any modern website. 

With Reflow you will be guided on creating your Site Navigation, Equipment Graphics, Floor Plans, Dashboards and more. You will then be able to easily display the right information to the right team member.

With Reflow you get Histories, Schedules, and Alarms work instantly, with zero configuration needed.

Responsive is built-in so you don't have to worry about resolutions and device compatibility.

Reflow works on any Niagara 4 Supervisor or Controller. So you can use it with a pure Niagara 4 supervisor or with IQVision. You can deploy it on the Jace 8000, MAC36NL, Edge-10, EC-BOS-8, TONN8 and more.

Every view on every screen

Customers expect their critical data to be available on all of their devices – the building automation system is no exception.

With Reflow, you can deliver an immersive experience to every screen your customers use. The best part? It's built right in so there's no additional setup or time required.

Reflow is fully compatible with our BMS touch screens Link Touch.

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