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INNON-HTTP Restful API Module for Niagara 4 Stations


This is a Niagara module that can be deployed in stations running on PC/VM/server platforms, JACE 8000 type devices and iSMA MAC36s to allow data exchange and interaction between the Niagara framework and web servers and clients, e.g. our Milesight UG65 LoRaWAN Gateway.

The module provides – 

  1. A servlet component to create a URL (endpoint) in the Niagara 4 station for a web API client to POST data to 
  2. A client component to allow the Niagara 4 station to construct either a
    1. POST message to transfer data from the station to a web server API OR
    2. GET message to request data from a web server API

The module can be used with our INNON-JSON module components for decoding JSON encoded payloads in communications received from web clients and servers.

The module can be requested and installed free of charge with all PC/VM/server platforms, JACE 8000s and iSMA MAC36s purchased from Innon including historically.

The module can also be purchased by Innon Tridium Partners for installation on other PC/VM/server platforms, JACE 8000 type devices and iSMA MAC36s obtained from a 3rd party.

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