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WS202-868M LoRaWAN PIR and Light Sensor

SKU WS202-868M

Milesight WS202 is a LoRa PIR sensor based on passive infrared technology to detect a motion or occupancy. WS202 can detect whether there is a movement within the range of 6-8m and send the changes via LoRaWAN® network. Besides, WS202 is equipped with a light sensor which can link PIR detection results to trigger scenes. With a compact size and powered battery, WS202 is easy to install everywhere. Compliant with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway, users can know the alarms or occupancy of rooms and trigger other sensors or appliances easily via a web page or mobile App remotely.

WS202 can be widely used in smart homes, smart offices, schools, warehouses, etc.


  • Occupancy or motion detection based on passive infrared and Fresnel Lens
  • Easily to install with the convenient size
  • Built-in light sensor, combine PIR sensor to achieve triggers
  • Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission up to line of sight of 15 km
  • Equipped with NFC for one-touch configuration, support card emulation mode
  • Support Milesight LoRa D2D protocol to enable ultra-low latency and direct control without a gateway
  • Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers


Measuring Range

  • Detection Area: 120 ° Horizontal, 100 ° Vertical
  • Detection Distance: Maximum 8m
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