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Could this help you save on your next Fan Coil project?

Could this help you save on your next Fan Coil project?

... This unique feature of our fan coil controller can save you a huge amount of time so you can deliver any fan coil upgrade project faster than "The Stig" ... 

... We know so well the challenges of delivering a fan coil upgrade project from pricing all the way to compatibility, hence when these fan coil controllers were designed we made sure they were going to be exactly like you would want them: super simple to install...plug and play ...preconfigured for more than 90% of the most popular fan coil configurations.

... So they come shipped with a standard software application with multiple default configurations selectable via DIP basically you can set the fan coil controller without any software configuration...just by selecting the correct DIP switch configuration....check the full application manual here.

... If any modifications are required then they are freely programmable and the standard application can be quickly modified real time using the Sedona Engineering tool via the USB port, Bacnet or Modbus network.

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You can also send any PO to  or place it online and pay by card or trading account

p.p.s. If you want to open a Trading account please send this completed formback to

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