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About us

About us

We have founded Innon with the desire to help engineers make the most out of technology. 

So when we founded Innon in 2012 we did it to offer a better service for BMS customers like you. We promise continuous improvement in everything we do. Our logo (kaizen) represents a constant improvement. And our Company Name (innon) stands for Innovation: taking the first and last letters from innovation. Innon delivers you the best products, customer experience and after-sales service around Niagara Building Framework.


History of the company

Radu and Turchian met at university while studying industrial automation and computer science. Radu started his career as a BMS engineer in the London office of Carel, an Italian manufacturer of air conditioning, humidification and refrigeration equipment.

Radu began doing complicated software for large chillers and air conditioning systems. In 2009, he was offered a job with one of the main BMS companies at the time, Ashdown Controls.

As a BMS engineer, he delivered the Four Seasons Hotel project in London. There, he met Marcin, the project engineer responsible for another prestigious hotel. They were both tasked to install a Niagara-based BMS system. “We both loved Niagara, so we just clicked,” says Radu.

The two BMS engineers were passionate about Niagara, but aware of the lack of good product ranges around the Niagara framework. They noted a gap in good IO models, MBus converters, displays and so on. Fast forward three years later, and Marcin creates Global Control 5, the company behind iSMA range, which Innon distributes exclusively in UK, Ireland and Romania.

Our Values

Radu and Turchian founded Innon in 2012 to provide a better service for BMS customers like you.

But that’s not all. We want to be better at everything we do.

This belief drives our vision and values. We apply these values across every aspect of our business. We select better products, capitalising on our industry knowledge and experience to offer you the very best-in-class.

The systems we use to serve our clients are the best on the market. We partner with the most suitable Bank that offers you the best commercial terms.  We provide better support to our clients and we’re always looking for better ways to combine systems with the user experience.

A better way of procuring BMS products


Radu became disappointed with the current BMS product providers, which led to a critical insight: the service for procuring BMS products and services could be much, much better.  

You know what it’s like. If you want to buy BMS products, you’ve got two options: order from large manufacturers or order from another BMS company, likely to also be your competitor.

But both of these choices have problems. It’s like choosing between two bad ideas: 

If you order from a large manufacturer, you’re forced to commit to a significant spend to secure the contract. That might not work for you. Who wants to bulk-buy products you don’t need?  Besides, the products themselves are inflexible and bespoke. There’s no personal service.

So, to avoid wasting money, you might choose to go to another BMS company instead. You’re then buying from your competitors. Is that a good idea? You could end up losing your project. You’re giving your competitor the chance to steal your project or even your engineers. At the same time, you’re giving them the opportunity to benefit from lower prices.  It’s a high-risk option. What do you gain?

Radu wanted to offer a better service for BMS customers: a service that eliminates the risks, fears and frustrations of the current facility. A service that provides personal consultation, training and follow-up alongside prices that work for you.

Meanwhile, Turchian, a software engineer by background, was working for a media company. Here, she learned the power of marketing and good stories. She became passionate about providing clients with excellent service and creating super-accessible content to meet her clients’ needs.  Turchian saw a way to apply these principles in the BMS industry, helping clients to make informed decisions before the sale and to have a smooth and positive after-sale experience too.

So, Radu and Turchian brought their insight and expertise together. They founded Innon to offer you great products and a better service around the Niagara Framework.