3 products that cover 99% of any BMS project

3 products on 99% of your projects. How much flexibility could your business gain if you could easily install these 3 products in schools, hospitals, office blocs, data centres and in any commercial and industrial site.What if at the same time these 3 products would keep your projects completely future proof, truly Open Protocol and 100% resilient to failure?How much flexibility...

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For Happy Handover Days

The Best Handover Day... Imagine your next Project Handover Day as the best one you could have at work. Not only everything worked as expected, but you didn't have to spend an extra hour on site...Not only you are within budget but you actually managed to save some extra...Not only is your client super impressed when you show him everything...

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BMS: Do you want to have your cake and eat it too?

Say goodbye to BMS compromise... Quality—Cost—Time: they say ‘pick any two’. Very often when deciding which BMS to choose for your project you have to compromise......Do you pick the most cost effective solution and add in the extra hours? Or do you choose an easy to setup but expensive option with limited functionality?... What if you could have all 3:...

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Do you think that BMS training should be more accessible?

We @Innon believe BMS training is expensive, logistically complicated and stressful... To add to the stress you have to absorb as much information as possible in a couple of days in order to pass the exam at the end. We know how tiring it can be to drive long hours just to get to and from the training facility. We know how...

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Poor tech support equals lost revenue 📉

Have you ever had your day FROZEN because of a tech support issue? Let’s say you buy a power meter. You have it installed it at the client’s site. Then you need to check a certain parameter the meter outputs so you reach for the documentation to find out more… Except… there’s something missing: the documentation is either incomplete or...

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The Most Cost Effective And Compact AHU Control Solution

Would you like to control and maintain any AHU unit easily, without the need of learning a new programming language? Would you like to be able to read histories, alarms and set values using any Bacnet BMS system?   The AAC20-LCD has been designed with your requirements in mind to allow you to: Commission and maintain easily any AHU by using...

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Program this BMS controller in less than 30 mins... no training day required

The AAC20 controller was designed to allow you to easily control and monitor equipment in the most efficient way from a cost and time perspective.   With Innon and AAC20 controller you do not need to stop and have a training day. All the training you need is online over TeamViewer with one of our experienced team members.  They will guide...

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Tridium Forum in full swing... come join us we are next to Tridium Stand

The Niagara Forum 2017 London started amazingly with an amazing presentation from Jim Bland and Roger Woodward. There seems to be a merger between the Integration and BMS industries and IoT world... come and find out the latest disruptive technologies and how to the world is changing.

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Setup this Freely Programmable FCU controller in just 10 seconds

so you can deliver faster and easier than ever before. You can setup this Fan Coil Controller in 10 seconds... with one little screwdriver OR ...We know so well the challenges of delivering a fan coil upgrade project from pricing all the way to compatibility, hence when these fan coil controllers were designed we made sure they were going to...

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Tridium Niagara Forum 2017 London

See how the technology is changing at the top of the Industry Events in London and Register Here for the biggest gathering of the  BMS industry Meet interesting people, get the latest industry trends and learn how Tridium is evolving it's technology and changes the way you design and deliver BMS and energy efficiency projects. It does not matter if you...

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