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MAC36NL Niagara 4 controller with 36 IO points on board

MAC36NL Niagara 4 controller with 36 IO points on board

The MAC36NL is a Niagara 4 controller with 36 IO points on board.

The story of the MAC36NL started when Tridium ( the company behind Niagara framework) announced the launch of Niagara4 the smartest building framework on the planet.

Marcin, one of the founders of Global Control 5 and an ex BMS engineer from London and Warsaw and passionate about Niagara framework saw the opportunity to take the most popular and loved product from his portfolio the MIX38 and combine it with the Niagara4 framework. He did not stop here... taking the feedback from clients and the market he went further and added IO points to allow you to distribute logic. More than this listening to current specifications and consultants added embedded HDMI port, SD card, USB, RS485, Ethernet ports and more.

It is the first controller that has 2 super powerful CPU's making it incredibly fast. One CPU is used to display HTML5 graphics and the other one loads the powerful Niagara4.

The possibilities it opens are endless. Having one controller with embedded IO and with amazing CPU capabilities allows you to be as creative as you would like. From small repetitive sites to large buildings like the Shard you can play with the MAC36NL and access large scale projects.

More so if you are new to Niagara4 we are offering all our Genius Partners access to our learning platform where you can explore and learn Niagara 4 Basics, Strategies and Graphics.

Email now at or live chat us to learn all about the MAC36NL and explore what we can do for you.


MAC36NL Niagara4 Unitary Controller

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