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For Happy Handover Days

The Best Handover Day...

Imagine your next Project Handover Day as the best one you could have at work.

Not only everything worked as expected, but you didn't have to spend an extra hour on site...

Not only you are within budget but you actually managed to save some extra...

Not only is your client super impressed when you show him everything works, but he can be assured that you can fulfil any of his future requirements easily and hassle might even get a hug :)

This is all possible when using a Niagara based BMS and our iSMA IO and here is why?

  • Niagara  is the smartest framework on the planet hence all main BMS manufacturers are adopting it.
  • 100% failsafe. In case of failure the BMS PC takes over the IP modules and everything stays up and running.
  • No extra wiring. Our iSMA Bacnet / Modbus IP IO Modules are installed on the exiting IP infrastructure.
  • Completely future proof. If you want to integrate further equipment it can be easily done.
  • Easy to upgrade in the future. Our iSMA Bacnet / Modbus IP IO Modules are compatible with any BMS system such as Tridium, Schneider, Siemens, Trend, Distech, Priva, Cylon and more. 

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