Program this BMS controller in less than 30 mins... no training day required

The AAC20 controller was designed to allow you to easily control and monitor equipment in the most efficient way from a cost and time perspective.


With Innon and AAC20 controller you do not need to stop and have a training day. All the training you need is online over TeamViewer with one of our experienced team members.  They will guide you every step so you can use our AAC20 controller and be up and running in less that 30 mins.

The additional display is amazing for quick commissioning and remote end user diagnostics. In addition the AAC20 controller has a great choice of onboard IO expandable up to 500 points and is ideal to either control and monitor smaller sites or equipment. Our clients use it in flats, small shops and AHU control. 

The SD card can store up to 4GB of logs so you know you never run out of memory.


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1. Do I need any training and does it cost?
The training you need is minimal and completely free over TeamViewer. We will show you how to use it from beginning to end and give you all the support you need along the way so you can successfully deliver your project.

2. Do I need any licence to be able to program the AAC20?
The device is fully programmable and you only need one off licence which only costs £65 or if you are a Siemens Talon, Honeywell, Distech or Tridium partner you do not need anything.

3. What protocols do I get with the AAC20?
Modbus and Bacnet both as Master and Slave on RS485 and IP in all possible combinations.

4. How many logs it can the AAC20 store?
You can read up to 500 points per network and can store up to 4GB on the SD card (sold separately).
All logs are implemented as native Bacnet histories

Any other questions please email

Get the best payment terms and open a trading account


Patrick jones - May 15, 2017

Hi All,
I am very interested in doing the aac20 course many thanks as promised

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