Why do 90% of small sites do not have a BMS ? BMS and Energy Savings for all small and medium sites.

How can you install, monitor and control a small to medium site, in the most cost effective way while generating the maximum savings?

There are multiple solutions and systems out there, from very cheap and inflexible with high installation costs to more mainstream and easier to install but a lot more expensive.

So how can you ensure that energy savings can happen in the small and medium while keeping it flexible, open protocol and easy to install?

The solution is to carefully choose the right components and technology to ensure you can achieve the control and monitoring strategy while maximizing the savings. Our IO modulesSedona Controllers and Tridium Controllers are designed to strike the best balance between upfront hardware costs and installation time.

In addition, we are always here to help you design the best solution, give you volume discounts for large scale installations and offer excellent support along the way.

Most sites will fall into one of the following 3 solutions :


You can now add wireless to any of the above solutions when you need to.
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