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Mbus and Modbus Metering Solution for Niagara AX and NX

The easiest solution to pick up any Modbus and Mbus meter into your Tridium Niagara System.

When it comes to picking up meters into any Niagara System there is no simple effective solution.


The existing solution always implies the buying and configuring dedicated additional hardware such as an XNC or a PW60 Level Converter with RS485 expansion modules. These are limiting, for example, you can only have 6 RS485 on a Jace /Tonn.

Alternatively, you can go for a SIP solution easier to configure but expensive if you have a few meters. 

If you want a super simple and elegant Metering solution that works with any Niagara controller or supervisor then the iSMA-MG-IP is the only device that allows you to easily pick up at once up to 60 MBus & 127 Modbus meters.

If you require more then just buy an additional device for the next 60 MBus & 127 Modbus meters. With the Modbus TCP and MBus IP Niagara Drivers, you can pick up unlimited meters! 

More so you can pick up water meters by adding one iSMA-B-8I-IP pulse converter. You can even go wireless by adding the iSMA-B-W0202 


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