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About the product

Our new iSMA-B-MG-IP has been designed to simplify the connection of meters installation with BMS. By applying the most popular interfaces for M-Bus and Modbus meters. iSMA-B-MG-IP allows to handle up to 188 meters of various types simultaneously.

The M-Bus interface allows to communicate and supply with power up to 60 M-Bus meters. The RS485 interface allows to connect up to 128 Modbus devices. The device address and baud rate for Modbus are set by using DIP switches.The built-in TCP/IP interface provides the ability to use the existing LAN infrastructure, also allows to build a scattered meters monitoring systems.

iSMA-B-MG-IP device configuration is possible from the built-in web services level, and by using free tool such as iSMA Configurator.

Key Features

  • M-Bus TCP/IP and UDP/IP to M-Bus gateway
  • Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU/ASCII gateway
  • Up to 188 meters (devices) of various types (60 Mbus and 128 Modbus)
  • Two independent gateways operating simultaneously in one device
  • Built-in power supply for up to 60 M-Bus meters (devices)
  • Direct connection for up to 6 M-bus branches
  • Built-in Mini USB port for configuration and firmware updates

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