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Learn Niagara 4 and more

The world is your classroom.

We know all BMS(BEMS) training can be expensive and time-consuming. Classroom training is logistically complicated and stressful.

To add to the stress you have to absorb as much information as possible in a couple of days in order to pass the exam at the end. 

We at Innon believe this isn’t right, we believe that training on BMS products needs to be free, constantly available and constantly updated to your latest requirements. If you are ever in need to find out how to configure a Jace or you forgot how tagging works in Niagara 4  you should be able to easily go online and find this info easy and in no time.

We have developed an interactive online learning platform, designed to help you learn stress-free and in your own time everything you need to be able to become a BMS expert. From using Niagara 4 to configuring our fan coils to configuring any device you may purchase from us.

We started with a series of Niagara 4 e-learning courses tailored around how engineers actually use Niagara 4: 

  • Basics
  • Strategies
  • Graphics

 We will constantly be adding new content specifically designed to help you sell a better solution, design, deliver and more. 

Our learning platform is different from the Tridium TCP course: a class-based 1-week session where software engineers can be trained to gain such knowledge.

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