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About the product

This fan coil controller is designed to remove the current frustration with available products. It has the best of everything from ease of use to flexibility and price. Here are the top 6 reasons why you would choose this Fan Coil Controller for your next project.

1. It comes pre-loaded with software template covering over 95% of requirements. And even if you have to change something changes are minimal.

2. It is fully programmable with our iSMA Tool, and you do not need any previous experience or specialised training.

3. It has the most generous IO:4 Universal / Special Inputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 3 Analog Outputs, three fan speed relays, relay for the electric heater, relay for electric cooler, 2 Triac Outputs for heating and cooling valves and

4. It supports a wide range of Universal Inputs sensors, and by default, it can read any 10K3 sensors.

5. It has a builtin 24 Volt transformer which can power most actuator valves in the market.

6. It has two communication ports:

  • One to be used with any Modus or BACnet BMS Controller
  • And the second one to be used with any Modbus Display

To set it up for the existing configuration is super easy; just follow this video all you need is a screwdriver:

It is so easy to programme it using our iSMA Tool. You do not need any previous experience or specialized training to be able to use it.

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