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100% BMS compatibility so you can future proof your projects and increase your profit margin

100% BMS compatibility so you can future proof your projects and increase your profit margin

We want you to deliver amazing projects time after time while keeping a good profit margin and continuing to innovate and drive efficiency in buildings. 

Choosing the right technology is crucial to any tender or project you might have and compatibility is key.

Whatever the BMS system you have we got it all covered. The devil is in the detail when it comes to software compatibility and here are what we have done to achieve 100% BMS compatibility of the iSMA IO Modules range:

 Modbus compatibility

  • The modules respond to all type of modbus requests, you can read digital inputs with a holding register but also with a coil request. We support multiple registers just as well as we support single register request.
  • Each register is very well documented so no time is wasted looking for the relevant information.
  • When using the IP to RS485 built-in gateway we have left the traffic transparent to no additional register mapping is required.


Bacnet compatibility

  • Polling data points can take lots of resources from the BMS controller and so our modules support COV (change of value), this means less work for the BMS and faster update times for the data to come back.
  • We know that some BMS systems implement a subset of the type of bacnet data types, most common issue is reading the counter inputs that usually come in accumulator data types. Our firmware supports all data types so even the most simple bacnet implementations can read/write to all our IO module points including the configuration registers.


Modbus or Bacnet?

The iSMA range of IO modules was designed to work on both Modbus and Bacnet at a flick of a DIP switch.

IP or RS485?
Having options for Ethernet or RS485, this design allows you to use them with ANY BMS system of your choice.
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