Metering made easy even in the most difficult sites

We made installation and reading of any Modbus meter easy and completely flexible even in the most difficult sites. We are very passionate about good product design and would like to share with you how the iSMA-B-W0202 IO Module solves the issue of wiring in remote places while keeping it simple, cost effective, open protocol and reliable so you can deliver your project on time and budget:

This wireless modbus IO Module is ideal for gas, electricity andwater metering applications. Helps distribute IO modules around the building and integrate remote Modbus RS485 devices.

Key facts:

  • The module does not require battery making it very low maintenance.
  • No programming of registers or Master and Slave. 
  • Solve the most complex projects with one part number, easy to budget for.
  • It achieves the best possible wireless range of 300m in buildings by using the 868MHz.
  • We made it flexible so the wireless range can be extended by separating the network into different channels.
  • Each ISMA-B-W0202 allows connection to other RS485 devices using the onboard RS485 port such as ISMA-B-8I 

Meter like never before, register and get bigger discounts!

More and more of our clients are using it for monitoring area where cables are expensive to run and so far we've had amazing reviews:

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