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[Part 3/5] The myth of the open BMS protocol... what you should be aware of

[Part 3/5] The myth of the open BMS protocol... what you should be aware of

Part 3/5: The myth of Open Protocol... what you should be aware of 

10 years ago all BMS hardware manufacturers were promoting closed protocols, so that their clients would buy the full package and protect spare part sales... more hardware more sales. Fast forward 5 years ago, under client pressure BMS manufacturers started offering open protocols as as an option and nowadays most of them offer native Open Protocol controls such as: Modbus, Lon, Bacnet etc...

The question on everyone's mind is do they really work if you try to mix and match?... can you buy a product from manufacturer A and be compatible with another product from manufacturer B? After All this is the very reason to adopt Open Protocol in the first place.

From our long experience we found that the answer is generally NO.

...and the reason is simple... most BMS manufacturers still want their clients to buy the whole range from them. Also it is now more difficult to spot the small details which make their products not be compatible with others.

We believe this approach is not really leading to innovation and clients do not really benefit from an the Open Protocols, where in theory everything should be easily integrated and the clients can eventually benefit from their freedom of choice to mix and match according to their needs and a truly Open System.

We have made it our mission to enable you to have all the options open so you can deliver quality in time at affordable prices. We proudly promote Tridium controls which is the the best to enable the integration of all available Open Protocols while at the same time we know that you may have other BMS products of your choice in which case we have made sure our IO modules are truly compatible with any BMS:

All IO modules compatible with Trend, Cylon, Tridium, Priva, Honeywell, Distech and any other BMS or SCADA system
Over 100 companies in the UK are already using our IO modules with a variety of BMS systems such as using Trend and our Bacnet IP modules, or Priva & Cylon with our RS485 Bacnet IO modules and the list goes on and on. Our range of IO modules were installed in large manufacturing facilities, hotels, schools, data centers, shopping centers, supermarkets.
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