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What makes a perfect BMS integration? 3 Tips to put you in the lead...

What makes a perfect BMS integration? 3 Tips to put you in the lead...


We always ask ourselves what makes a BMS project a success and based on our 30+ years experience we want to share the 3 most important tips to put you in the lead.

In addition, last year we have surveyed 2,000+ BMS engineers and 90% of them said they will be using Tridium in 10 years compared to only 10% that think they will use Trend. Here is the link to our BMS survey results.
1. The most important decision is to choose the 'brain' of the BMS. There are so many BMS systems available and they all promise to be the best, however when looking a bit deeper there is truly only one that will last the test of time and that is Tridium. We have listed below an example of a Tridium system used in metering applications.
Fully Expandable and Best Value Utility Metering 
2. The next big thing is to keep your options open to be able to use whatever equipment is already installed on site or specified by others. Tridium is the most open BMS system on the planet, one of the reasons it became so popular around the globe. Tridium not only comes out of the box with all open protocols like Bacnet, Modbus, Lon, SNMP and others but also gives the ability to create new protocol implementations or purchase them from the Tridium network of development partners. We have listed below an example of a Tridium system used for plant control which is fully based on Open Protocol so you can integrate anything your clients desire.
Clever control of your plant or lights
3. When it comes to installing new BMS equipment it is important to choose BMS components that are the most cost effective and also come with a verygood technical support and logistics behind. It is very easy to lose money on a project if time is wasted on site thus negating any benefit from the actual hardware cost.

This is the very thing we strive to do, we know that even when we sell a simple piece of hardware we are actually offering a service which covers the way we do our tech support, the speed at which we respond to all enquiries and how quickly and reliably we deliver the goods to our clients.
Future proof integration for A/C and anything else even on Trend Sites

Our proposition is simple, get the best solutions at the best possible price with amazing UK support and deliver the best BMS project that is future proof.

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