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Winning more projects.

Last week, one of our clients asked us: How can I win this project?  

He was tendering for a refurbishment job in an office building against a larger BMS company using quite a famous brand.

We had to find him a solution that was going to deliver all the functionality his client required and more since he was facing some serious competition. 

We recommended using the MAC36NL since it had all the Niagara 4 functionality and with 36 built-in IO pretty much took care of all the HVAC basic requirements. Due to the fantastic power of the Niagara 4 Framework, our client could offer more by checking the weather service in real time and controlling the heating and the ventilation accordingly. 

But this was not enough, and the office owner wanted a full energy optimisation proposal that would include on-off light control and an energy consumption report for each area.

Because we could quickly expand the MAC36NL with the adequate iSMA IO, so we suggested:

  • iSMA-B-4I4O-IP for lighting control with built-in logic. All our client had to do was to read the presence sensors on the DI and send the value of the DO based on a particular time.
  • iSMA-B-8I-IP to pick up all the pulse meters.

And to make the solution extra special and win the project, we enabled our client to offer a full display solution using the native HDMI port and the dual-core processor of the MAC36NL

The next day the office owner awarded the project to our client, and his words were: "I had this popular solution for years and yes is trusted and it worked till now. But I need to move with the times... my building needs to become a heaven for its tenants, and this is what your solution offered."

    Accelerate success. Get a new solution for your project.


    Thank you,
    Radu Petrescu

    Founder and Managing Director @Innon
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