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SKU 600-040


Applications of the transmitter

The Enless Wireless TX IO LoRa transmitter is a remote actuator. With its 2 dry contact inputs and 4 relay outputs , it allows you access to contact status (open/closed) reports, as well as giving you remote control over your equipment (ex: valves, air heaters, etc.).

The TX IO transmitter is only compatible with our Enless proprietary LoRa mode. There are three operating modes:

  1. Remote control mode
    The transmitter dialogues with an Enless receiver (Modbus or BACnet).
    It supplies status reports for the 2 inputs to the receiver and can control its 4 relay outputs with commands sent by the receiver.
  2. Local control mode
    The outputs are controlled based on inputs status by means of scenarios configured at the TX IO level.
  3. D2D (Device to Device) mode
    The TX IO dialogues directly with up to 4 other Enless LoRa transmitters.
    The outputs are controlled on the basis of the thresholds configured in the sensors it dialogues with.


The TX IO transmitter is powered externally – 7.5 to 24V.


If you need help selecting your wireless sensors please
 read our 5 min guide. 

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