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Milesight Authorised Solution Partner



Innon is the Authorised Solution Partner for Milesight Technology across the EMEA region. This unique status grants us the flexibility of an authorised distributor without being limited to a specific country. We are licensed to operate throughout the EMEA region. Additionally, as a Platinum Tridium Niagara Distributor in this region, it's a natural step for us to offer and fully support both technologies in all territories.


Milesight IoT, known for its rapid growth and innovation in 5G, AI, IoT, and LoRaWAN, is at the forefront of technological advancement in the Internet of Things. Their advanced insights are shaping the future of IoT.

Their LoRaWAN sensors and gateways are revolutionizing wireless projects, overcoming common challenges like poor battery life and weak signal strength. In today's environment, where air quality is a growing concern, our CO2 sensors stand out. They are easy to install and feature a built-in display for straightforward readings.

Milesight's product range is not only powerful and user-friendly but also versatile. It can integrate into BMS systems or connect directly to the cloud. What's more, the seamless transition of Milesight products into Niagara, facilitated by Innon's IoT API (available for free to Innon Tridium Partners), simplifies commissioning, thanks to the intuitive Milesight app. This combination of ease and power makes Milesight products an ideal choice for every BMS engineer.

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