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iSMA-B-8I-IP Pulse Counter & Modbus RS485/IP Gateway for Utility Metering Solutions

Using the iSMA-B-8I saves you time as no programming is required and is compatible with any BMS.

iSMA-B-8I-IP Pulse Counter & Modbus RS485/IP Gateway for Utility Metering Solutions:


iSMA-B-8I-IP only £120:

  • Save time, no programming required.
  • Ideal for tenant billing.
  • Modbus IP/RS485 gateway.
  • Monitor 200+ Modbus RS485 utility meters.
  • 8 built-in pulse counters.
  • Monitor up to 8 pulse utility meters.
  • Integrate into any Bacnet/Modbus IP BMS.
We want to ensure that you are in charge of your time and get the best value while delivering quality. Our products are designed combining extensive customer feedback and industry experience to be simple, flexible and open to any building management system.
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TIMOTHY LATHEN - July 25, 2018

I have 200 meters on a single site with an ip network right next to the meter clusters. However my company does not have a bacnet/ mod bus IP BMS system in place. We do have a software engineer working on a web portal for us to pull data from our inverters on the site and has use api’s from other devices to pull from them. Could you send me a spec sheet and a programming guide if you have such a thing? Thank you

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